Adult classes are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at the Scouts Hall in Gyro Park, Cadboro Bay.

Summer 2017 Schedule

Tuesdays:        Adults & teens – 6-7:30 pm
Wednesdays:  Adults & teens – 6-7:30 pm
Friday evenings and Saturdays TBA


Adults regular: $190 for three months (paid Sept 1, Jan 1, Apr 1)

Getting started: $30/month for one class a week.

Drop-in from other dojos: $10/class

Regular Adults Classes

Instructor: Philipp Gawthrop and Alix Flavelle

Our practice emphasizes spontaneity, the capacity to respond quickly and intelligently to changes in the interaction. This requires sensitivity to our partner’s movement, flexibility of mind, being relaxed under pressure. Some time is dedicated to the study of the full repetoire of classical Aikido techniques, the common language of Aikido. We seek to make our techniques effective through sharp timing, precise positioning and no resistance.  We also take an exploratory and creative approach to Aikido study – expanding our awareness of space and lines and energy – from a foundation of basic principles. Hence our name: “kenkyukai” means study or research group.

Adults & teens basics – Shoshin Calligraphy

Instructor: Alix Flavelle

Resuming in September. Schedule to be determined.
Open to adults and teens, for those just starting, or for intermediate and advanced students wishing for an opportunity to slow down and deepen their study of internal alignment.  You will practice ukemi, the art of falling, as well as how to move fluidly with relaxed and centred posture – useful skills for any physical activity in your life. You will also learn basic techniques with a focus on maintaining your own centre while sensing and connecting with your training partners’ centre.
Contact us if you would like to try a class.


Instructor: Alix Flavelle

Resuming in October. Location and schedule to be determined. 

An opportunity to take a break in your office day, move your body, energize and centre yourself. A moving meditation. We’ll do exercises to build stability and agility in the body, and so too in the mind. We will do centring exercises you may use in your next meeting. In interaction with practice partners we can test and embody our capacity for grace under pressure, and learn to change reaction to response.

No Aikido experience necessary.IMG_2507

Convenient location downtown.


“Corrie and I agree that our experience at Pacific Shizen Aikido has been thoroughly positive.  We find Phillip, Miryam and Alix to be gracious, patient and talented as teachers, not to mention, fun to spend time with. The atmosphere of respect, egalitarianism, safety and regard for Aikido traditions at the dojo feels right.  As Corrie and I fast approach our fifties, we realize that physical health is more important than ever.  The relaxation techniques and Aikido practice during our twice weekly sessions are immensely positive in our lives.  We are constantly amazed at what we are learning to do with our bodies and always feel refreshed and satisfied after our Aikido session.”


“…two evenings a week for two months now at age forty-six, I’ve been running away to join this gentle, tumbling zen circus at gyro park where smallish women throw my two hundred and twenty pound body with the greatest of ease and a safe landing; where we all bow to each other with equal respect, and the flower arrangements are near perfect.  That a martial art could be a way of peace would have, until now, struck me as oxymoronic. Not so, now.”


“I moved to the island with eight years of Hapkido training, looking for an Aikido dojo to best complement the teachings of my former discipline. It has been a year and I feel my focus sharpening, my ability to flow and blend improving, and most importantly, my  knowledge of using body mechanics and gravity,  without the use of muscle and force, both fascinating and rewarding. There is a calm, peaceful and tolerant atmosphere in this dojo lead by teachers who embody the teaching of the art of peace. “