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Discover Aikido: online

Instructor: Alix Flavelle

Starting late January.                         

Join in and experience a dynamic art for body, mind, and spirit, in the comfort of your home. While Aikido is normally practiced in a dojo with partners, there is actually value in learning the basics without the concerns of dealing with a partner. We’ll do solo exercises for discovering naturally centred posture and movement that allows for stability and agility. You will learn basic stances, falls, strikes and grabs. Develop a mind-body awareness that you can access anytime. Glean the Zen-like philosophy, and find yourself wanting to delve deeper.

The online classes will prepare you to join regular practice with partners, once the dojo opens. We nurture a setting of respect and friendly energy and supportive for beginners. A great way to get fit, plus develop self-awareness on many levels.

Contact Alix if interested.