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Introduction to Aikido: The Art of Peace

Getting Started – Now is a great time!

Just do it!  Come and try it out on Tuesday evening  7:30-8:30. First class is free.

Come and experience a dynamic art for body, mind, and spirit, within a supportive setting of respect and friendly energy.

Adults & teens basics

Instructors: Philipp Gawthrop or Alix Flavelle

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30.  

Tuesdays evenings are ongoing basics class that you can join anytime. A few times a year they form part of the 4-6 week introductory session on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In between they are open to adults and teens of all levels, including those just starting. It is an opportunity to slow down and get back to basics. Review basic principles of blending, connecting to and from centre, and extending ki. Sharpen your ukemi. Correct ineffective habits. Practice standard techniques for your next grading.

Introductory Sessions

Instructor: Alix Flavelle, 4th dan

Next session dates: October 23rd-December 4.  Fees: $65

This is an opportunity to get started with systematic instruction covering all the basics:

  • Learning to fall and roll
  • Discovering naturally strong, stable and centred posture and movement
  • Experiencing the Aikido principles of entering an attack, blending with an attack, connecting centre to centre, staying relaxed, and extending ki.
  • Basic techniques
  • Dojo etiquette

Contact Alix if interested.