Mobius Aikido is a new dedicated dojo space, run by Alix Flavelle, at her rural home near Prospect Lake. Offering regular classes focused on an exploratory approach to Aikido, as well as workshops welcoming practitioners from across affiliations.

In January 2020. Two ways to start:

Drop-in Aiki-yoga.  Mondays 6-7:30. Starts Jan 27th

Aikido-inspired mind-body fitness. Exercises to build body strength and flexibility, centredness and graceful movement. Aikido is said to be like doing yoga in traffic. Train to move with ease and intention, through or around whatever comes at you.

Discover Aikido. Tues & Thurs 7:30-8:30. Jan 28-Mar 12.

This class covers philosophy, principles, and basic techniques, for those interested in an ongoing practice.

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